Free Read: Aeva: The Last Hope

Aeva: The Last Hope

On a far-off planet, a virus continues to destroy the female reproductive capabilities of an alien species. Female humans are temporarily used as surrogates while scientists work on a cure, but things are not moving fast enough for the alien general of the USS mothership. He wants access to earth, to limitless female humans, and will do whatever it takes to locate the data chip that holds the code to bypass earth’s tightly secured atmosphere.

Rowen Teschner, a captain on the USS mothership, returns from a mission and is unexpectedly discharged and relocated to another starship. With losing everything he’s worked for, life on the starship is a chance for him to start over. As part of his new job, he is required to volunteer. His duty as a volunteer is to make sure Aeva, a genetically engineered human, gets her memory back before interrogation day. She was volunteering on a cargo ship when the ship was hijacked. A poisonous gas was emitted killing the crew, but she survived, and the alien investigation team is demanding answers. If they don’t get the answers they want, it could potentially lead to her demise.

As Aeva’s story unravels, Rowen is caught between starting a new life and putting his life on the line to protect her.

****This is a space opera sci-fi with military action and a touch of real-life romance that both men and women will enjoy. It’s rated 18+ with mature content.

Right now it’s free on Smashwords. Get it before the freebie expires. Link to the book is >>>here.


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